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What keeps a body alive is the same energy that keeps mankind connected.  Cuerpo Eléctrico is a corporeal illustration of a body entangled, suspended, enrapted, supported, and enmeshed in a network of physically demarcated electricity - cords and light bulbs.  

Solo show made possible by support of Cirko de Mente, Mexico City.  Selected as convocatoria de opera prima May 2016.  

Running time: 25 minutes

An experiment of organic movement disecting the relationship between the constructs of humankind and the natural world through the techniques of circus, dance, performance, and the intervention of space. 

A collaboration with Mexico City based artist David Orozco

Running time: 55 minutes

Link to information about the show here

The very first presentation of the artistic collaborative HOLD. From the minds of Courtney Prokopas & Linnea Ridolfi, "Signs We Were" explores the fragile & often temperamental relationship between the head and the heart using dance, contemporary circus, & object manipulation.

Running time: 30 minutes


7 circus artists came together to take part in a weeklong creation as part of the 2nd annual Festival Internacional de Danza Aerea in Costa Rica. This choreography created collaboratively under Terry Crane's direction was created in only 15 hours, over 5 days, with the culminating performance on the 5th day. 

Performers: Sandra Olarte, Luis Cuxum, Courtney Prokopas, Constance Echo Palmer, Jose Ruiz, Maartje Fijan, Paula Rodriguez Antezana

Stage management and choreographic assistance by Saar Rombout

Filming by Emiliano Ron

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